Cycling in Denmark

You’d be hard pressed to find a better cycling destination than Denmark. With over 12,000 km of sign-posted cycle routes, gentle terrain, inspirational nature and short distances between amenities, Denmark is a country made for cyclists. It’s safe, easy and great fun. So get on your bike and see Denmark from two wheels.

Cycling in Denmark

Cycling in Denmark it is very easy, you just need to remember to keep your right! Here you will find pratical informationa and inspiration for your cycling holiday in Denmark!

The danish culture and the bikes together make a great combination. Check out the reason why the danes love to bike!

Practical cycling guides and maps

Pratical help and ideas

With so many people on two wheels, it's no wonder that hiring a bike in Denmark is so easy. Here you can find out how to get your hands on a bike, where in the country you can cycle on sign-posted routes and much more.


Aus Guide National Cycling routes (22)

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Hire a bike

Bike hire

Cycling the capital

Copenhagen is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world. Not only is it safe and easy to get around, but Copenhageners themselves are mad for cycling, so getting on a bike here will bring you up close to real Danish culture.

Denmark is safe, well sign-posted and blessed with gentle cycling terrain!

Recommended cycle spots

Recommended cycle spots

From the unique to the practical, Denmark's bike designers always make an impression.

Welcome to the world's most bike-crazy capital! 50% of the city's inhabitants commute to work by bike. As a tourist, you can go with the flow and take a city bike to explore, Copenhagen-style!